New Building Progress

9-20-2019 Stair Case Installed
9-25-2019 Solar Panels Installed
10-30-2019 Heating Unit Being Installed
12-9-2019 Randy Cutter and Dan Schroth Building Back Wall
12-13-2019 Dan Schroth Standing on Finished, Three-Tier Wall
12-14-2019 Art Jenks Installing the Electrical Systems
2-14-2020 Ray Webber Standing Before the Recently Arrived Insulation
2-25-2020 Insulating Nearly Completed on First Floor
3-3-2020 Kenneth Robb, Joel Schroth, Shane Ricci, Dan Schroth Insulating the Second Floor
4-8-2020 Clyde Clarke, Tim Comerau, Bob Abbott of Northwood Dry Wall