Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted, at 7 p.m. at the Pittsfield Historical Society Headquarters, 13 Elm Street in Pittsfield. The January meeting is the Society’s Annual Meeting and is held on the 2nd Tuesday of that month. There are no meetings in February-April, July-August, and November-December.

2020 Program Schedule

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020
To Be Rescheduled due to Stay at Home Order!
Josiah Carpenter Library Celebrating 125 years!
The Josiah Carpenter Library is 125 years old!

The Josiah Carpenter Library is 125 years old! Come learn about its origins and the people who made our library a significant part of the Pittsfield community.

Leslie Vogt, library director, and Harry Vogt will be presenting an historical overview of the library, its founding citizens and their views for a local library. Did you realize this public library was a consolidation of seven different private libraries?

We will also learn about Josiah Carpenter and his wife, Georgiana Drake Carpenter, and his ties to Pittsfield.

Additionally, Frank Jenkins, the first librarian, will be inducted into the Historical Society’s Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
To Be Rescheduled due to Stay at Home Order!
Tour Sanborn Mills Farm
A Traditional New Hampshire Farm

Sanborn Mills Farm is a traditional New Hampshire farm and nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining and preserving folklife and agricultural knowledge.

Please join the Pittsfield Historical Society for a guided tour of the farm.
The farm has over 390 acres of agricultural field and managed forests with buildings dating back to the mid-1800s. There are two water-powered mills—a saw mill and a grist mill—and a historic blacksmith shop! Other restored buildings in-clude a large farmhouse, a cape, several timber-framed barns and outbuildings.

Directions: Take Loudon Road from Rt. 28 towards Loudon. About a mile past the Loudon town line, take a hard right onto Sanborn Road. (Some GPS units will lead you in the wrong direction—please be careful.)

Meet us at the farm: 7097 Sanborn Road, Loudon, NH. Tour starts at 6:30 p.m. (Please note the earlier time.)

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020
Bruce Graham Traditional Shoemaker

Bruce Graham is one of a rare few who makes historically accurate 18th-century footwear, and he does it the old-fashioned way of a cordwainer, in a shop next to his home with the help of his wife. A talented craftsman, he also offers timber framing, historic bookbinding, creating stringed instruments, and granite cutting.

Because of his specialty craft of shoe-making, he and his wife, Penny, travel the circuit of reenactments to provide the historic footwear for the reenactors’ costumes.

Pittsfield has a long history of shoe-making and Bruce will help to make it come alive.

Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020
History of the Suncook Valley Sun
Art Morse

How many of us miss the Suncook Valley Sun? I bet all 8,000 of the people in
our surrounding towns who had the chance to receive the Sun felt a void in
their life the day it stopped running in 2019.

This weekly wealth of knowledge printed and delivered to your door connected you with your town and the surrounding communities. You could find a plumber, know whose birthday it was, and find out the theme of Old Home Day all in one glance. You could hold it in your hand and keep it on your counter for reference without ever having to “log in.” It was our local news source.

Having this small local newspaper for Pittsfield, Barnstead, Chichester,
Northwood, and Epsom is now sadly a thing of our past. The historical Society will be hosting Art Morse of Pittsfield who will inform us on the way this paper was started and the role that it played in these towns.

Past Programs

2019 Programs

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History of the Town Clock, by Harry Vogt
The Blueberry Express, by Elizabeth Dimmick
Trekkers and Tree Lovers, by Kevin Martin
Cider-New Hampshire’s “Official” Beverage, by Laurie Houle

2015 Programs

In the Good Old Summer Times, by Board of Directors
History of the Pittsfield Players, by Maureen Van Horn, Maye Hart, and Meggin Dial
Tour of Pittsfield in the 1980s, by Jonas and Elaine Glidden
Memories of the Canning Factory

2014 Programs

History of N. H. Indians, by John Moody
The History of Cinema in the Granite State, by Jeffrey Klenotic
The Old Man of the Mountain and Franconia Notch, by Maggie Stier
The Roosevelt Funeral Train, by Carl E. Lindblade
Show and Tell, by the Society

2013 Programs

Trash and Treasure, by Frank Eaton
History of Pittsfield Aqueduct, by Cedric Dustin, III
Readings of Poetry, by Sharon Olds
That Reminds Me of a Story, by Rebecca Rule
The Life of Vaughn Blanchard, by Larry Berkson

2012 Programs

Creating a Time Capsule, by Mark Wallace
Ferdinand F. French, by Paul Gauvreau
History of Fiddle Contests in New Hampshire, by Adam Boyce
George E. Freese, by Larry Berkson
History of the Congregational Church, by Reverend David Stasiak
A Taste of Life in the 18th Century, by Sabra Welch

2011 Programs

Mary Wheeler, by Larry Berkson
Franklin Pierce, by Peter Wallner
Tour of the Douglas Towle property, by Douglas Towle
History of Old Home Week, by Gary Crocker
History of the Pittsfield Fire Department, by Fred Okrent
Pittsfield’s Economy: Past, Present and Future, by Mat Monahan

2010 Programs

Warren Chase, by Larry Berkson
Past and Future of the Josiah Carpenter Library, by Harry and Leslie Vogt
Pittsfield’s World War II Veterans, by Larry Berkson and Robert Moulton
Pittsfield’s Early Schools, by Robert Moulton
Art Work of a Local Painter, by Gene Matras
Covered Bridges of N. H., by Karl Olsen

2009 Programs

A Brief History of Maxfield’s Store, by Larry Berkson
Recording Your Family History, by Marilyn Thyng
The American Revolution in America, by Thomas Graham
Edmond J. Stapleton, III, by Larry Berkson
Olde School Memories, by Harriet Ames and Robert Moulton
Life and Times of Charles Durgin, by Timothy Patterson
The Washington House, by Theresa (Drouin) Riel

2008 Programs

George Robert Drake, by Larry Berkson
Experiences of World War II Veterans, by four veterans
Haunted Houses of Pittsfield, by William Provencal
Pittsfield’s Civilian Contribution to World War II, by Larry Berkson
Jesse James and His Relationship to Pittsfield, by Larry Berkson
Pittsfield Street Names, by Robert Moulton
The Civil War, by Tim Patterson

2007 Programs

 The Art of Building Stone Walls, by Daniel Schroth
Hall of Fame Induction of Idella Genest, by Larry Berkson
Tour of Sanborn Mills, by Colin Cabot
Tour of the Old Meetinghouse Cemetery, by Larry Berkson
Old Home Day Parades, by Gilbert Paige
Bataan Death March, by Mike Pride
Shaker Village, by Ralph Van Horn

2006 Programs

Life of a Soldier in Vietnam, by Leon Bly
NH Native Indians, by Tim Patterson
Early Scenes of Pittsfield, by Gilbert Paige
NH Fire Towers, by Frederick T. Hast
Camp Graylag, by Susan Geib

2005 Programs

Genealogy, by Hal Inglis
One Brigade Surgeon’s Point of View, by Dr. Robert Zahn
The Suncook Valley Railroad, by Noland and Naomi Avery
Charles H. Green, by Larry Berkson
New Hampshire Barns, by John Porter
Pittsfield’s Shoe Industry, by Larry Berkson

2004 Programs

100th Anniversary of Danis Market, by Joe Danis|
Fifty Years of The Suncook Valley Sun, by Arthur and Elsie Morse
History of Pittsfield’s Fire Chiefs, by Larry Berkson
Pittsfield’s Poor Farm, by Larry Berkson
Postcards of Pittsfield, by Joan Riel

2003 Programs

Scrapbooking Your Family, by Debra Kardaski
Civil War Veterans of Pittsfield, by Paul Oman
Dedication of Archives to Ruth Cram, by Larry Berkson
Colored Map of Pittsfield, by Wayne Gallop
Pittsfield’s Mica Mines, by Larry Berkson
Leavitt’s Cider Mill, by Laurie Houle

2002 Programs

The Great Fires of Pittsfield, by Larry Berkson
The Pittsfield Fire Department, by Frederick Hast
Mustered! Foot Soldiers of the 12th, by J. P. Fayhe
Changes in the Pittsfield Fire Department, by Lenny Deane
General Harrison R. Thyng, by James Thyng
The Osborne Pottery Works, by Louise Osborne

2001 Programs

The Congregational Church, by Rev. Charles Morgan
The Baptist Church, by Robert Moulton
The Calvinist Baptist Church, by Larry Berkson
Notable Women of Pittsfield, by Larry Berkson
Our Lady of Lourdes Church, by John Kost
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, by Marion Knox
Christian Science Church, by Arlene Martin
Slides of Old Photographs of Pittsfield, by Gilbert Paige
History of Lionel Trains, by Allen Warden
The History of Indians in New England, by Jere R. Daniell
The Pittsfield Players, by Cedric Dustin, III

2000 Programs

 History of Suncook Leathers, by David Ossoff
A Brief Enuf Look at Jocky Fogg, by Elsie Morse
Reverend Joseph Harvey, by Deborah E. Woods
Remembering World War II, by Robert Moulton
The Story of Amos Tuck, by Larry Berkson

1999 Programs

 Pittsfield’s Dams, by Larry Berkson
Guns of the Civil War, by Robert Moulton
Dr. George G. Wilkins, by Larry Berkson
Frederick Douglas’s Visit, by Cedric Dustin, III

1998 Programs

The Romance of the Family Farm, by Ronald Jager
The Concord Coach, by William Copley
Pittsfield Weaving, by Gilbert Bleckmann
Slide Pictures of Early Pittsfield, by Gilbert Paige
New England Mill Towns, by Jere R. Daniell

1997 Programs

Daniel Webster, by George A. Moore
Pittsfield Cemeteries, by Larry Berkson and Edward Cantara
Pittsfield’s Most Notable People, by Robert Moulton (a continuation)
The Pittsfield Fair (a repeat), by Larry Berkson
Pittsfield Academy and Early Schools, by Larry Berkson and Robert Moulton
Pittsfield’s Early Parades (a continuation), by Gilbert Paige
Number Please. N. H. in the Pre-dial Era, by Judith Moyer
Pittsfield’s Trucking Industry, by Robert Moulton
Revolution Comes to N. H., by Jere R. Daniell

1996 Programs

The History of Pittsfield Aqueduct, by Cedric Dustin, III
The Pittsfield Fair, by Larry Berkson
Pittsfield’s Role in the Civil War, by Robert Moulton
Early Pittsfield Parades, by Gilbert Paige
The Sunset League, by Robert Moulton
Pittsfield During the Great Depression, by Robert Moulton
Pittsfield’s Most Notable People, by Larry Berkson and Robert Moulton

1995 Programs

 The Dustin Family of Pittsfield, by Cedric Dustin, III
The Pittsfield Canning Factory, by Sabra Welsh
The Old Meetinghouse Graveyard, by Jeffrey Salisbury
The Shoe Industry, by Robert Moulton
Shaker Village, by Michael Pugh
Covered Bridges of New England, by Richard Roy
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